7 Simple Things You Can Do (Today) To Start Releasing Fat and Improve Your Health!

Today’s newsletter list has been comprised from my experience as a health and fitness coach over the last 14 years, and also from some great resources that I follow like ProGrade Nutrition.

In case you didn’t know it, I am a preferred partner with ProGrade Nutrition. And for good reason as I want to be able to refer my clients, friends, and family to a credible source for nutritional products. It’s easy for me to do that because I use these products daily.  In an ocean of choices it gives me peace of mind to know that what I use and what I recommend not only works, but is excellent quality.

The following list is really simple to follow. Make a copy of these steps and make sure you check them off as accomplished each and every day. In no time at all they will become your new habits and will make a big difference  in how you feel.

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1. Eat Breakfast.
Research suggests that filling up on a healthy, hearty breakfast helps you lose about a pound a week. Skipping breakfast puts your body in starvation
mode especially after not consuming calories for the hours you were asleep, triggering your body to hoard calories instead of burning them.

2. Add Protein to Every Meal.
Try to include at least two eggs, or 2 oz of beef, turkey, chicken, fish or tofu in every meal. Studies show that adding at least this much protein to your meals is enough to double your metabolic rate for two hours. It takes a lot of energy (calories) to digest and use protein.

3. Spice up Your Food.
Spice your food with lots of chili powder, ginger, cayenne, spicy mustard,  or turmeric. Hot flavorings help stop your fat burning liver from slowing down, upping your metabolism rate up to 25% for at least an hour.

4. Stay Hydrated.
This is the one thing that everyone knows they should do, but somehow find it difficult to do consistently. Staying well hydrated by fitting in about eight tall glasses of water daily.  Studies have shown this level of hydration  will help increase your muscles’ ability to convert food to energy by as much as 10% and cut fatigue levels by 50%.

5. Eat more Soluble Fiber.
Soluble fiber like glucomannan helps reduce appetite, leading to less food consumption and then to weight loss. It can also relieve constipation, improve inflammatory (irritable) bowel disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and enhance protection against cancer and infection.

Body Basics Boot Camp β-glucan, which is a new type of fiber, has been shown to be effective at reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and could improve blood sugar control. Including a drink enriched with β-glucan at breakfast could do wonders for not only your appetite, but also for your waist, by reducing your caloric intake at meals, which could lead to improved weight-loss results.

An Easy Way To Get A Serving Of Beta-Glucan >>

6. Keep a Food Journal.
It’s been proven time and again that the simple act of keeping a food journal has successfully helped people lose weight. By keeping track of what you are eating, you have the tendency to think twice about what makes it to your plate.

7. Eliminate Sugary Drinks and Sodas.
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather chew my calories. High sugar drinks and sodas are empty calories that do nothing more for  your health than add to your waistline. For just a month try switching out all beverages with water. You can squeeze some fresh lemon if you want to make your water a little more interesting. (do not cheat with diet sodas!)

Now is the time to put the above to work for you!  Simple changes like these can go a long way to helping you achieve your weight and health goals. For more information on reducing your body fat and getting into the best shape of your life please come visit me at my studio in Warren, NJ.

You won’t be disappointed!  http://www.BodyBasicsFitness.net

7 “FATTY” Foods that Can Help You to Get a Flat Stomach

At this point, the anti-fat propaganda of the 80’s and 90’s has died and most people should understand by now that eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. In fact, it’s absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats in your diet to keep your hormones balanced, blood sugar under control, and prevent cravings.

Today’s article from our trusted colleague and nutrition expert Mike Geary will show you 7 examples of “fatty” foods that actually HELP you to get lean:

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7 “FATTY” Foods that Can Help You to Get a Flat Stomach (some of these will surprise you!) These 7 shocking Fatty (but healthy) super-foods can actually help you to burn body fat faster!
by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of the best-seller — The Truth about Six Pack Abs

At this point, the anti-fat propaganda has died and almost everybody understands by now that eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat.  In fact, it’s absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats in your diet to keep your hormones balanced, blood sugar under control, and prevent cravings.  Here are 7 examples of “fatty” foods that can actually HELP you to get lean…

healthy chocolate1.  Super Dark Chocolate (at least 72% cacao content or higher) – It might not be a secret anymore, but yes, dark chocolate (NOT milk chocolate) can be a very healthy food, even though it is technically calorie dense.

However, I would contend that dark chocolate can actually HELP you to burn off more body fatif you’re the type of person that has a sweet tooth and likes to eat a lot of desserts.  In this case, just 1 or 2 small squares of dark chocolate can many times satisfy your sweet tooth for only 30 or 40 calories as opposed to 500 calories for a piece of chocolate cake or a piece of pie.

Also some brands of dark chocolate that are in the mid 70’s in % cacao content or higher, can have a fairly high ratio of fiber content (I’ve seen some brands have 5 grams of fiber out of 15 grams of total carbs per serving), and relatively low sugar content compared to the amount of healthy fats.  In fact, that’s one of the “tricks” I use to select a good quality chocolate… I look for more total fat than total carbs (or about the same number of grams of each).

The importance of that fact is that it means many dark chocolates will not greatly affect your blood sugar and will have a fairly blunted blood sugar response compared to other “sweets”.

In addition, dark chocolate is also very rich in healthful antioxidants, including a powerful compound called theobromine which has been shown to help lower blood pressure and have other health benefits.  The fat content in a good dark chocolate should come solely from the natural healthy fats occuring in cocoa butter and not from any other added fats.  Any chocolates with added fats or other additives will generally not be as healthy.

coconuts have healthy fats

The reason I say to choose dark chocolates with at least 72% cacao content is that the higher the % of cacao, the lower the % of sugar.  However, this does mean that any chocolate over 80% cacao content will generally start to get a more bitter taste and have very little sweetness.  If you like this type of taste, then the higher % cocao, the better. Otherwise, a good 75% dark chocolate is in my opinion an almost perfect combination of lightly sweet with a rich chocolate taste.  Just remember to keep those daily quantities of chocolate small as it is calorie dense!

You can also reap the benefits of the antioxidants and fiber without all of the calories by using organic unsweetened cocoa powder in your smoothies or other recipes.

(for the rest of the blog post click here)

OK I Get It, Sugar is Bad for You. But Did You Know This?


If you’ve been keeping up with these newsletters, it may seem as if I’m in a war against sugar lately…  and today, I’m going to show you one more reason to avoid sugar that we didn’t talk about in other recent articles… Sugar actually speeds up AGING due to a biochemical reaction in your body from high blood sugar levels.  Not good!

Here’s the deal…
If you eat/drink too much sugar from sweetened drinks, soda, cakes, cookies, candies, ice cream, etc, you consistently shoot your blood sugar levels through the roof and require your body to pump out more insulin to dispose of that blood sugar in the liver, muscle cells, and also as body fat.   As we’ve talked about before, abusing this blood sugar control system (controlled by your pancreas) for years and years eventually can wear out your insulin sensitivity and your pancreas and type 2 diabetes can develop. No surprise there right… I’m sure you understand that process.  But here’s something most people don’t understand…

Consistently raising your blood sugar through all of these daily sugary foods and drinks also causes a reaction in your body that creates molecules called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).  Having elevated levels of AGEs in your body can cause accelerated aging of your skin, as well as your organs.  If you know somebody that eats/drinks a LOT of sugar daily, you might notice they also are not aging well and have more wrinkles… this can be seen sometimes with type 2 diabetics as well.  Of course, this can vary greatly based on skin tone, and other lifestyle factors too.

This is yet another reason why minimizing sugar intake (particularly processed sugars and HFCS) as well as minimizing other foods that spike your blood sugar (such as breads, pasta, cereals, muffins, bagels, etc) can help reduce the amount of AGEs that are produced in your body and slow down the aging process!   Yes, a paleolithic nutrition plan that is moderately low-carb and low-sugar (the type we always talk about in this newsletter) where you focus mostly on healthy meats, veggies, berries, nuts, eggs, etc while minimizing sugar and grains not only makes you leaner, but helps keep you YOUNG!

But remember, staying youthful is not only about the types of food you eat, but also about the types of exercise you do… Make sure to read this article below to see why certain types of exercise that you might be doing can accelerate aging in your body (you’ll want to avoid this!)This “type” of exercise can accelerate AGING (avoid this, and look 10 years younger!)

If you liked this article about sugar and advanced glycation end products, please fwd this to any of your friends and family that would enjoy it. Also, make sure to read (and bookmark) this article of mine below as it’s the most comprehensive article I’ve written on nutrition:  The top 20 food RULES to keep you lean for life

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

For Men Over 30: How to Lose Your Belly Flab and Fire Up Your Mojo

This video is an advertisement from ProGrade Nutrition for a program called T30. The program was created by, and features celebrity trainer BJ Gaddour who BTW is a righteous dude and awesome trainer! He created Workout Muse and Workout Muse Pro (both on iTunes) and has been a rock star of sorts in the boot camp area of fitness.

Prograde Nutrition is top of the line supplementation. I’ve been a preferred partner since 1996 and their products work, are safe and effective, and have no garbage fillers of any kind. Their customer service is also first class. So when I saw that BJ Gaddour and ProGrade collaborated on this workout for men over 30 I had to check it out.

Well I did, and man I am telling you this not only exceeds my expectations, it will deliver the goods for you too. Now I can’t endorse any claims for boosting testosterone levels as I did not start out with a blood test. However, I am putting my faith in BJ and Prograde. I feel quite comfortable endorsing this product.

I’ve been using a Prograde product called K20 for a few months. It works great. Be careful with anything you consider in this area of supplementation. Bottom line, I trust and like ProGrade.

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Prograde K20:

Get your mojo back…

Promotes lean muscle mass.
Helps to improve mood
Helps to improve sex drive
Higher mental energy level
Promotes improved strength & energy
Now this I can share with you from first hand experience as I’ve been using this supplement for a couple of months.  First let me say that most men won’t notice a change in testosterone levels that they will admit. But I’m here to tell you that once I hit the big Five-Oh I’ve definitely noticed a few changes and I’m here to share with you that although your body will change with age, it’s not all bad. There are some things you can do at midlife that you couldn’t do when you were younger.  Still, who doesn’t want to hang onto their youth a virility? I certainly do.  I consider myself an “ageless warrior” and baby,  I plan to hang onto as much mojo as I can for as long as I can.  Click here to learn more about K20.

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OK, here’s the ad copy for T30. Check it out. The workouts are smokin!

Do you feel like you’ve lost your edge? Maybe you feel a little soft and you now see a roll of fat where your abs used to be. Or maybe you would rather grab the remote control instead of spending time in the bedroom with your lover. If you are over 30, you could be suffering from “Andropause”, which is caused by your shrinking testosterone level. But have no fear – BJ is here!

Prograde has teamed up with world-class fitness expert BJ Gaddour to create our very first training system: The T30 Training Program. Here is what T30 was created to do for you…

•  Incinerate your Belly Fat

•  Build slabs of lean muscle

•  Boost testosterone levels

•  Send your confidence soaring

•  And much, much more!

However, let me warn you. This is NOT a workout for wussies. If you want to stay flabby, may I suggest you set your treadmill at 3mph and have fun “walking”.  This is a training system FOR REAL MEN. Every single exercise. Every workout was created to one thing.. get your manhood back. You’ll LOOK better. You’ll FEEL better. And your friends will be jealous. Now, you just gotta find away to gently let down all the women who will be pursuing you!


You get 3 “Follow-along” workouts with BJ. That’s right, just push play on your DVD player and workout with him. No thinking – just do it.

Workout #1: The Monster
Workout #2: The Beast
Workout #3: The Warrior

And trust me, they are as intense as they sound – which is a good thing.
But that’s not all…

If you are in a time-crunch, BJ created short, intense 3-minute “sizzler” workouts. Do these after your workout for an extra fat-burning boost OR just squeeze them in on a busy day.

  T30 Three Minute Abs Sizzler
  T30 Three Minute Arms Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Legs Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Shoulder Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Glutes Sizzler
•  T30 Three Minute Total Body Ripper Sizzler

You get absolutely, positively EVERYTHING you need to get your body, and
confidence, back – in just 30 short days.

You have 2 options..

#1. Do what you’ve always done and get the same results

#2. Give T30 a try. And after 30 days if you don’t look better and feel a boost of energy, send back the DVD for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Get your T30 DVD now.. and get your manhood back!

Why Your Lower Ab Flab Is the Last to Go: Belly Fat—A Big Problem

By Tom Venuto
Author, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”

Most people don’t have their fat distributed evenly throughout their bodies. Each of us inherits a genetically determined and hormonally-influenced pattern of fat storage just as we inherit our eye or hair color. In other words, the fat seems to “stick” to certain areas more than others.

There’s a scientific reason for this. Your fat cells are not just inert “storage tanks” for excess fuel. They are actually endocrine glands which send and receive signals from the rest of the body. You could say that your fat cells “talk to your body” and your body “talks to your fat cells.” This occurs through a hormone and receptor system.

For body fat loss to occur, you must first get the fat cells (adipocytes) to release the fat into the bloodstream. THEN, the free fatty acids must be delivered to the working muscles where they are burned for energy.

For fat to be released, the hormone adrenaline (epinephrine) must be secreted and send a signal to your fat cells. Your fat cells receive this hormonal signal via adrenaline receptors called adrenoreceptors. Fat cells have Beta 1 (B1) and Alpha 2 (A2) receptors. B1 receptors are the good guys. They activate hormone-sensitive lipase, the enzyme that breaks down the fat and allows it to be released into the bloodstream to be burned. A2 receptors are the bad guys. They block the fat-releasing enzymes in the fat cell and encourage body fat formation.

How Body Fat Storage Patterns Affect You and Keep YourAbs from Showing

What’s the point of all this physiology? Well, it turns out that in men, the lower abdominal region has a higher concentration of A2 receptors, so this gives us one possible explanation of why the lower abdominal region is often the first place the fat goes when you gain it, and the last place it comes off when you’re losing it. (Incidentally, the fat in women’s hips and thighs is also higher in A2 receptors.) This situation is dictated by genetics and by the hormonal and enzymatic pathways just discussed.

Think of ab fat like the deep end of the swimming pool. No matter how much you protest, there is no way you can drain the deep end before the shallow end. However, don’t let this discourage you. Lower ab fat WILL come off, it will simply be the last place to come off. Simply put: First place on, last place off.

This helps to explain why abdominal exercises have little impact on body fat loss. It’s a huge mistake to think that hundreds or thousands of reps of ab exercises will remove lower abdominal fat, except to the degree that it burns calories and contributes to a calorie deficit. What removes the fat—all over your body—is a calorie deficit and that comes from decreasing food intake, increasing activity, or a combination of both.

What I suggested to this young man was cutting back the ab training, spending the time he was wasting on excess ab exercises for more intense, calorie-burning cardio and weight training for the rest of the body. I also suggested he do an accounting of his food intake, get his nutrition in order and decrease his calories slightly if necessary.

As it turned out, his diet was a mess, and as nutrition experts like to say, “You can’t out-train a lousy diet.”  It’s a monumental error to think that 1,000 reps of ab work a day will make your abs finally “pop” when your diet is a disaster and leads to fat storage. It’s not that ab exercises aren’t important. But all the ab exercises in the world won’t help as long as you still have body fat covering the muscles. You can’t “spot reduce” with abdominal exercise and YOU CAN’T SEE YOUR ABS THROUGH A LAYER OF BODY FAT!

For more info: Burn the Fat


Why Too Much Cardio Makes You Fat!

Steve Maxwell, age 56

This is a great article from my colleague Steve Maxwell, who at 56 years old is in better shape (and I mean true genuine, functional fitness, not just appearance / bodybuilding nonsense) than most of us could ever dream to be.

In this article Steve explains in detail why performing too much aerobic activity is counter productive and can actually be bad for you. In fact, he gives us ten very compelling reasons why he doesn’t do any aerobics himself.

There’s a group of individuals I have come to refer to as “over aerobicisers”.  In my many years of experience as a personal trainer and coach I’ve run into many people who are addicted to their aerobic activities.  And the more they do the better. There’s often a pattern for many where they evolve from casual joggers into marathoners and triathletes. I keep seeing this more and more with adults over age forty as well. In my observation there’s also been a pattern that they share. It’s not completely consistent, but generally these are some of the common traits.

– Are happy with their scale weight.

– Look good in clothes, but they have fat deposits in places they can’t get rid of.

– Crave starchy carbs and justify eating them because they believe they can burn off the extra calories.

– The women prefer not to wear bathing suits, especially the two-piece styles.

– Are frustrated as to why more aerobic activity is not working for them.

– Love the way they “feel” from their time spent running, biking, or swimming.

– Feel “off” when they can’t run, bike, or swim.

– Are very often resistant to the idea of changing their fitness program to one focused on resistance training without their aerobic activities.

In my fitness programs we’ve always focused on “muscle first”. But if strenuous exercise is too challenging for you, I recommend walking as a great way to burn fat, especially if you have the time.

So, if you perform a lot of aerobic activity, and in spite of it you’re still fat, please read what Steve Maxwell has to say in the article below. And you just might want to pass this on to some of your friends too!

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10 Reasons Why I Don’t Do Aerobics
By Steve Maxwell

I spend my days at a corporate gym. It’s a sweet gig and a temporary livelihood.

One morning, while observing a female member endlessly running the treadmill-to-nowhere-fast, I realized I see the same people returning day after day, iPods silently blaring or, worse, mindlessly captivated by one of the ten wall-mounted television screens, while grinding away on those steppers and treadmills.

The drudgery of their *Sisyphean tasks compels their attempts to lose self-awareness by inundating themselves with external stimuli. Often, their bodies reflect this lack of self-awareness in skewed gaits and other imbalances. (Editor’s Note: *Sisyphean task – This phrase describes any seemingly interminable or impossible job.)

These same people come in religiously to get the feel-good fix, believing somehow their mindless, movement addiction is in some way benefiting them. Interestingly, they stay fat, show no progress, and sometimes even get fatter, especially after holidays. Most of these people are loathe to touch a weight, much less engage in any kind of productive strength-training. You see this same phenomenon in gyms all over the country.

Some will say, “Well, some exercise is better than none.” But I say, if you’re going to spend the time, why not produce something worthwhile?

But first, what is aerobic exercise?

Any steady state locomotion elevating the heart rate into the zone for twenty minutes or more. The zone is determined by formulas based on age and resting heart rate. Now, ten reasons why it not only doesn’t work but is a poor use of exercise time:

1. Oxidative Stress
Which causes a breakdown of tissues. It also predisposes one to cancer
and heart attack.

2. Elevated cortisol production
Which causes a breakdown of muscle tissue and increases fat storage or depot fat. People do aerobics to alleviate stress yet end up creating more stress.

3. Lowered testosterone and HGH levels
For men, aerobics are a form of chemical castration. Low T-levels are associated with lowered libido, depression, anxiety, increased body fat and decreased muscle tissue. This contributes to muscle-wasting and lowers the basal metabolic rate.

4. Increased appetite and a tendency toward binge eating patterns
Aerobic exercise makes people hungry!

5. Excessive Muscular Fatigue
Making it difficult to do other more productive forms of activity. Aerobics creates muscular weakness.

6. Conversion of fast-twitch muscle fibers to slow-twitch
The loss of fast-twitch muscle fibers contributes to aging and the loss of explosive power and speed. People become slower and slower.

7. Burns a relatively small amount of calories vs. the time spent
One large meal completely offsets the pitiful amount of calories burned in an hour aerobics session.

8. Overuse injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees from excessive,
continual force transmitted throughout the body
This is exacerbated by over-engineered running shoes which cushion the feet in such a way to create a neural amnesia.

9. Shortening i.e., deformation, of the muscle tissue from repetitive
mid-range (partial range) movements
This creates inflexibility, immobility, and muscle imbalances. Besides being tight, the bodies postural alignment becomes compromised. Aerobics create tight, inflexible bodies that are in chronic pain.

10. Adrenal burnout
A consequence of the “feel good” neurotransmitters which also stimulate the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone. Excessive adrenaline creates an addictive response and people going routinely for the so called “high” of running end up with adrenal burnout, e.g., chronic fatigue and depression.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the father of aerobic exercise (and the person who coined the term) completely recanted his assertions regarding aerobic exercise. After observing a disproportionate number of his aerobic-enthusiast friends die of cancer and heart disease, he reversed his ideas on the benefits of excessive aerobic exercise. He now claims anything in excess of 20 minutes has greatly diminishing returns. In fact, he’s now an advocate of scientific weight training.

In strength and health,
Steve Maxwell

To contact Steve Maxwell go to – http://www.maxwellsc.com/

To Burn Fat, Try The Deadlift!

I came across this great article by fitness coach and author Simon Dainton about deadlifting.  I could go on and on about the benefits of the deadlift, but since Simon has already done such an awesome job, I’ll let him tell you about it. Simon’s article doesn’t teach you how to actually perform the deadlift, so I called upon Lee Hayward to show you how.  Check it out and add the deadlift to your fatburning workouts!

Press on!


The deadlift is quite possibly the biggest ‘muscle working exercise’ on the face of this planet. It engages pretty much every muscle in your body and therefore burns a large amount of energy into the bargain. What’s more, it will send your metabolism sky rocketing after training, forcing you to burn a high number of calories between sessions. If you need to lose fat, THIS is the exercise to embrace!

Deadlifts are feared by many, but embraced by those that appreciate its power. There really is no reason to fear this exercise. For complete beginners, results can be achieved with minimal weight, simply by focusing on technique. As you become confident with the movement you can begin to add more weight to your bar or your dumbbells, and be assured that you are working your body in a time-effective manner that gives you good results.

The deadlift loads your spine, forcing your core muscles to engage and work hard. Too many people spend too long fixating on their abdominals and not nearly enough time working their spinal muscles. The beauty of the deadlift is that it works both – together.

This core loading will make your spinal support muscles stronger and do a lot to prevent or even start to cure lower back pain, provided that your technique is good. What’s more, deadlifts will teach you the correct way to pick up heavy objects from the ground without ‘doing your back in’. So you see, deadlifts are not just reserved for bodybuilders and powerlifters. They’re are very useful for everyday living too.

Finally, deadlifts are a great way of instilling good posture into our ‘desk-bound’ lifestyles. They force your body to use muscles that desk-sitting cause to weaken. Some of the biggest muscles in your body – the glutes (buttocks), hamstrings (back of the thighs) and upper back muscles – all come into play with this exercise, the very muscles you need to be strong to hold your body up straight.

So , if you want effective fat burning and all-over body strengthening, embrace the deadlift with both hands and bring your fat burning to a new high!
Click here for more information

How Deep Sleep Impacts Weight-loss

Can sleep be the most effective way to shed extra pounds?

“I will go to sleep when I’m dead”. This is my normal response to people who cared enough about me to ask me to go to bed whenever I was working late through the night replying emails from colleagues halfway around the world, watching a DVD or just refusing to go to sleep.

I never say those words anymore.

Not only because it is impolite, but it is also because I’m afraid that might very well end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy in the event that I actually continue to deny myself of sleep.

In regards to the quickest way to lose weight, sleep is actually an often overlooked component. People simply talk about eating and working out to lose weight. Not everybody ever says sleeping is critical for weight reduction. Yet somehow, this really is one of the most crucial components in the weight-loss equation.

The majority of us find it hard to get yourself a ideal 7 hours of rest every night. Maybe you work for a international corporation just like me and want to stay up late in order to correspond with co-workers from some other time zone. Or maybe you have family responsibilities or fairly recently have a newborn baby. No matter what the primary reason is, understand that your insufficient sleep not just affects your entire body from performing at its highest performance, but it could also cause you to be overweight.

Listed here are reasons exactly how sleep could affect weightloss:

Messing up your fat loss hormones:

Numerous our hormones determine if if we reduce or put on pounds. Many of those hormones within our body are influenced by sleep. These include hormones that control your hunger such as; Leptin and also Ghrelin.

Leptin is a hormone that gives us the feeling of fullness that informs your body that it’s satisfied after you’ve finished a meal. While Ghrelin conversely stimulates food cravings and tells your body that it’s starving.

Studies have shown that whenever we do not get enough rest, our leptin amounts decrease resulting in us feeling not as contented from a meal. During this time, ghrelin amounts boosts transmitting the wrong stimulus to your brain causing us to feel perpetually hungry even when our daily caloric intake is enough.

To make up for the insufficient energy attributable to inadequate rest, ghrelin triggered food cravings has a tendency to lead to the consumption of carbohydrates and calorie rich food.

Inadequate rest equals greater craving for calorie rich foods which will finally end in fat gain.

No sufficient workout recuperation:

Whenever we sleep, our bodies restore itself after a long day of work, preparing and recharging you for another day of work. Each and every single extra hour of rest your body obtains, is actually additional time your body is able to recover.

Exercising is without a doubt amongst the quickest way to lose weight. In case you have exercised that day, you need to get a lot more rest! Without adequate rest, your muscles won’t be able to recuperate and also grow. Unless you allow your body to fully recover, your muscles is not going to get stronger and also the fat burning effect of your workout sessions will be diminished.

Influences your regular regime:

Do you recollect what it feels to get jet lagged? I am not referring to those 7 or eight hour flights. I am referring to those 17-hour-deep-vein-thrombosis-inducing flights.

My first ever long haul flight to Toronto, I did not have adequate sleep for more than 20 hours including flight time. (With thanks to the stinky heavy snoring man who sat beside me). In my luggage, I already brought my workout attire and I was intending to make full use of the resort’s fitness facilities. But the time I managed to get inside my hotel room, I found myself so depleted that I just changed into something comfortable, turned off all of the lights and crashed – for 14 hours straight. I never had the strength to use the health club in any way throughout my four day stay.

You might not have gone through the identical level of lethargy. But continuous lack of sleep may result in an identical effect. When you consistently do not have sufficient rest, many of your bodies priorities change. It no longer cares about your own workout routine. It no longer cares if you make unhealthy food choices and also you will certainly notice yourself consuming anything you can come across just to offer your own body instant energy to compensate for the lack of sleep.

Basically, fat burning is no longer something your body is concerned with. How can your body help you to lose weight when it doesn’t actually have sufficient energy for you to stay awake?

How to get better sleep?

If you are really serious about burning off pounds, you will need to assure that your body is actually set up for fat burning all the time. And having plenty of sleep is an important aspect to the whole weight-loss formula. Here are a few hints that you can easily begin following today in order to get yourself a proper nights slumber:

1 . Lights off:

Back in the army, there is actually a fixed “lights out” time just about every night to tell us that it is actually the period we have got to sleep. Figure out what is your own “lights off” time everyday and adhere to it. When it’s time for “lights off”, switch off the lights and immediately get to sleep. No excuses, no delays.

2 . Establish a sleep habit:

We have to program our bodies to realize a daily sleep time. 30 minutes just before your “lights off” time, be ready yourself for night time by carrying out the following:

– Turn down or switch off all the lights inside your room leaving only the bedside lamp. Sit upward on your bed and read a fictional story. Nothing at all intense, no “War Manual of Sun Tzu”, absolutely no email or anything that involves you to think or strategize.

– Turn off your blackberry! This is actually a cursed object that binds every corporate individual to his/her task. Your fellow workers will certainly not blame you if you do not reply their email messages at 11: 50pm. So shut that darn thing off!

– If you feel hungry, make yourself a nice warm glass of milk. Hey, this made it easier for us sleep better when we were young and you’ll be shocked to find out it still works for you now.

– Warming up your feet by wearing a cozy pair of socks can easily help stimulate better sleep due to the increased blood flow.

3. Make love: I’m sorry ladies, this idea is actually more for adult males. During male orgasms, our bodies give off a combination of chemicals including oxytocin which usually assists our bodies to relax and causes a semi sedated condition ideal for sleeping!

The relevance of rest on your weight reduction success cannot be understated. As we make the effort to be much more productive at work by taking advantage of just about every hour of everyday, we are compromising the much required rest needed by our bodies. Continuous rest deprivation shifts your bodies attention away from fat reduction and over to an increase in weight.

Simply by having sufficient rest, your own body will be ready to function at its highest potential. You will be a lot more successful and productive at your job, at the workout room and on the fast track to rapid weight-loss.

FATLOSS 101: How Carbs, Sugar and Grains Fatten You Up!

I found this guy on YouTube (Underground Wellness) and he really knows his stuff. This is an awesome video. Watch and learn!

Click here for more information

The Difference Between Water Weight and Fat Weight Gains

“I tried that diet and lost 8 pounds in the first week! ”

“I’ve gained three pounds in one day! It must have been the cookie I ate or maybe the mashed potatoes! ”

Stepping on the scale can become an anxiety filled event that leaves people wondering where they went wrong when the numbers don’t go in the right direction. This leads to panic and usually ends with blaming a particular food item that really wasn’t the culprit. Everyone who has been on a journey to lose weight has been there before. Even though you are following your plan and exercising regularly the number may go up 1-2 pounds or even up to 3-4 pounds creating unnecessary guilt that we have failed somehow. If it’s not always food that makes our weight creep up then what is it that causes these fluctuations on the scale?

When trying to lose weight the scale often becomes the only measurement of success and this makes it difficult to remember that every time we step on a scale it is measuring every part of our physical being at that moment in time, which means it measures our fat, muscles, organs, tissue and water weight. Body fat is not the only thing being measured. While organs and tissue don’t change much; fat, muscle, and water do change which can result in fluctuating numbers on the scale.

Water weight can affect your total weight anywhere from 1-10 pounds and sometimes even more. It is important to understand what kinds of dietary factors can make these fluid shifts happen. To start, many of the high protein, low carbohydrate diets can cause a dramatic shift in your water weight. This is because as you cut back carbohydrate intake your body starts breaking down the stored carbohydrates (glycogen) to use as energy, and this breakdown causes the body to excrete large amounts of water. Once the body begins to use stored fat for energy, weight loss slows. This is the reason why most people lose a significant amount of weight right away on a low carb, high protein diet. Extreme low carb, high protein diets can potentially lead to dehydration because of this significant fluid loss.

When a person following a low carb plan eats a carbohydrate-rich food they can easily gain 1-3 pounds. However, this weight gain can be misleading because it is usually your body replenishing the fluid it lost and not gained fat. This 3 pound fluctuation becomes frustrating for many people and they end up yo-yoing back and forth with fluid weight thinking that it must be the half cup of rice they had the night before that caused them to gain that 3 pounds when in fact eating the rice just allowed them to regain some of the fluid they had lost from following a strict low carb plan. The fact is carbohydrates do not affect your weight quite that simply. Excess carbohydrates can strongly stimulate insulin production, which promotes fat deposition and increases appetite. This kind of weight gain will happen gradually, not dramatically overnight.

Sodium is another dietary component that can lead to fluid gain.  Sodium can cause the body to retain fluid, leading to these frustrating daily weight fluctuations. Some people are more sensitive to sodium than others. Watch your diet and see if your weight gain corresponds with a high sodium meal the day before. For example , eating out in restaurants can often increase your sodium intake significantly.

The best way to tell if you are retaining fluid is to pay attention to your body. If you get indentations on your ankles and lower legs from your socks then you are retaining fluid. If you wear rings and they become tight and leave an imprint in your fingers when you take them off then you also retaining fluid. Any kind of puffiness in your skin is a good indication of water weight.

The bottom line is that it takes approx 3500 calories to gain or lose 1 pound of body fat. This equates to an extra 500 calories a day over 7 days to gain a pound. This means if you gained 3 pounds in one day you can chalk it up to fluid weight otherwise you would have had to consume 10, 500 extra calories that day which is not likely! True weight gain happens gradually and likewise we lose it gradually. Check your weight weekly instead of daily and look for overall trends. If you are seeing dramatic daily changes in your weight, it is likely the ever-changing shifts of our body’s water weight.