The 3 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Fat Loss Coach

  The 3 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Fat Loss Coach By Larry Wasserman, MS, NASM CPT-CES, FMS II If there’s one thing I love to do, its help people transform their body and get in awesome shape. I’ve been a personal trainer, coach, and corrective exercise Continue Reading

“Customized Fat Loss” by Kyle Leon Reviewed

Note:  This REVIEW is about Kyle Leon’s  Customized Fat Loss program.  As a fat loss expert I make a habit of researching the best selling programs. I do this for several reasons. One, I want to know if there’s anything new that I can use to help my personal training and Continue Reading

Body Basics Boot Camps – 6 Station Circuit

This is a beginners group of boot campers, so compared to a lot of You Tube videos you might think that these “campers” look deconditioned. Well, you’d be right! But what you can’t see from this video is how they keep showing up both physically and mentally. They are committed Continue Reading

How to Elevate Your Fat Burning Hormones

The Secret is in Wind Sprints Hey I hope you’re having an awesome day. I’m a big fan of Mike Geary, author of “Truth About Abs” program. Mike is a prolific writer and is always sending me updates on fat loss for me to share with my clients, friends, and Continue Reading