Today’s newsletter list has been comprised from my experience as a health and fitness coach over the last 14 years, and also from some great resources that I follow like ProGrade Nutrition.

In case you didn’t know it, I am a preferred partner with ProGrade Nutrition. And for good reason as I want to be able to refer my clients, friends, and family to a credible source for nutritional products. It’s easy for me to do that because I use these products daily.  In an ocean of choices it gives me peace of mind to know that what I use and what I recommend not only works, but is excellent quality.

The following list is really simple to follow. Make a copy of these steps and make sure you check them off as accomplished each and every day. In no time at all they will become your new habits and will make a big difference  in how you feel.

Press on!
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1. Eat Breakfast.
Research suggests that filling up on a healthy, hearty breakfast helps you lose about a pound a week. Skipping breakfast puts your body in starvation
mode especially after not consuming calories for the hours you were asleep, triggering your body to hoard calories instead of burning them.

2. Add Protein to Every Meal.
Try to include at least two eggs, or 2 oz of beef, turkey, chicken, fish or tofu in every meal. Studies show that adding at least this much protein to your meals is enough to double your metabolic rate for two hours. It takes a lot of energy (calories) to digest and use protein.

3. Spice up Your Food.
Spice your food with lots of chili powder, ginger, cayenne, spicy mustard,  or turmeric. Hot flavorings help stop your fat burning liver from slowing down, upping your metabolism rate up to 25% for at least an hour.

4. Stay Hydrated.
This is the one thing that everyone knows they should do, but somehow find it difficult to do consistently. Staying well hydrated by fitting in about eight tall glasses of water daily.  Studies have shown this level of hydration  will help increase your muscles’ ability to convert food to energy by as much as 10% and cut fatigue levels by 50%.

5. Eat more Soluble Fiber.
Soluble fiber like glucomannan helps reduce appetite, leading to less food consumption and then to weight loss. It can also relieve constipation, improve inflammatory (irritable) bowel disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and enhance protection against cancer and infection.

Body Basics Boot Camp β-glucan, which is a new type of fiber, has been shown to be effective at reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and could improve blood sugar control. Including a drink enriched with β-glucan at breakfast could do wonders for not only your appetite, but also for your waist, by reducing your caloric intake at meals, which could lead to improved weight-loss results.

An Easy Way To Get A Serving Of Beta-Glucan >>

6. Keep a Food Journal.
It’s been proven time and again that the simple act of keeping a food journal has successfully helped people lose weight. By keeping track of what you are eating, you have the tendency to think twice about what makes it to your plate.

7. Eliminate Sugary Drinks and Sodas.
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather chew my calories. High sugar drinks and sodas are empty calories that do nothing more for  your health than add to your waistline. For just a month try switching out all beverages with water. You can squeeze some fresh lemon if you want to make your water a little more interesting. (do not cheat with diet sodas!)

Now is the time to put the above to work for you!  Simple changes like these can go a long way to helping you achieve your weight and health goals. For more information on reducing your body fat and getting into the best shape of your life please come visit me at my studio in Warren, NJ.

You won’t be disappointed!

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